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Undercover is a Japanese clothing brand, established by designer Jun Takahashi with his classmate Nigo, founder of the clothing line A Bathing Ape. In 1994 these Bunka graduates presented their first Undercover collection at Fashion Week in Japan where it caught sight of CDG's Rei Kawakubo who appreciated its true value. In 2002 Undercover got its first runway show in Paris. Takahashi became one of the trendsetters among Japanese streetwear designers. He exhibits great skill in playing with strange and unusual cultural references: taxidermy, 'Clockwork Orange', Jan Švankmajer's dolls, manga, etc. His works are worn by Rei Kawakubo, Miuccia Prada and Suzy Menkes described the designer as 'the essence of Japanese cool'. Recalling his student days, Jun was a Sex Pistols' fan and even was a lead in a local cover band Tokyo Sex Pistols. Married and has two children: a boy and a girl. Being a close friend of Radiohead's Thom Yorke, Jun often calls him to record a track for the runway show or star in the brand's lookbook. Takahashi is also skilled at collaborating with other brands: Nike, Converse and Eastpak, as well as A Magazine and Dr. Martens, and there's even more.