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If Six Was Nine

If Six Was Nine

If Six Was Nine is a Japanese brand of contemporary artist and designer Nobuhiko Satoh. The brand`s name (Jimi Hendrix song) is about its philosophy: the absence of any taboo. If Six Was Nine conceptual style reflects spirit of rock`n`roll, street fashion and ethnic motives. It has gypsy chic, romance of dark side, piracy and rebellious mood. Nobuhiko works with the most expensive and original materials: boiled down wool, scrubbed cashmere, superfine silk, furs and leather. He offers asymmetric strained wear but nevertheless very feminine and innovative. Beside this Nobuhiko uses unique production techniques. For example, the same difficult level of silk print could be found only in two brands in the world - If Six Was Nine and Share Spirit. The collections are hand made in Tokyo. Only the best stores in the world offer If Six Was Nine wear. Some of brand`s fans include Steven Tyler, Lenni Kravitz, Karl Lagerfeld, Victoria Beckham and other celebrities.

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