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OAMC is a menswear brand established in 2013. Luke Meier has a 10-year experience as a designer in Supreme and is currently leading Jil Sander, while Arnaud Faeh is a Carhartt WIP veteran. Having their office in Paris, Meier and Faeh chose a factory in Milan, Italy, the same that is being used by Tom Ford and Valentino. The abbreviation does not have a single definition — On A Midnight Clouded, Oscar Alpha Mike Charlie или One Always More Conscious — it's all OAMC, though the main option tends to be Over All Master Cloth. Its simple design reevaluates streetwear with its vivid graphics and gives a turn to a thoughtful composition applying innovative materials. Luke and Arnaud create things they want to wear themselves. As Meier himself noted in his interview: 'When you’re working on something that you actually like, you convey a sort of authenticity that’s impossible to replicate'.

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