You may choose to pay with Visa, MasterCard or Maestro cards.

We also accept payments with PayPal. Should you choose to select this option at checkout, you will be redirected to the PayPal and review the amount shown before clicking 'COMPLETE&PURCHASE'. Once the transaction is confirmed, you will then return to our website.


SVMOSCOW is glad to introduce an option for you to safely store your credit card details, making it much quicker and simpler to purchase at our online store. We will never display your full card details, except for the last four digits so that it would be easy for you to identify which credit card you are using. Should you choose to delete your credit card details just uncheck the box 'remember my payment details' on the payment page.

Please be advised that you will need to re-enter card details if you change your current address or add a new one. We use this feature to prevent anyone who might guess your password to place an order using your account and ship it to any address other than those you have already saved. This is a precaution intended to protect your personal information.


In order to provide you with safe n secure shopping experience we use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology. It helps you to encrypt and protect your data sent over the internet. If you see a padlock at the browser address bar, this means SSL is enabled. You may find out information about the SSL digital certificate registration simply clicking on it.

You will also notice that when you look at the location (URL) field at the top of the browser you will see it begin with 'https:' instead of the usual 'http:'. This means that you are in secure mode.


Please note, that the payment via credit card is a subject to currency conversion or even double currency conversion due to Russian banking legislation.

In case you cancel your preorder paid by credit card we will issue a refund but you won’t know which foreign exchange rate has been applied to the transaction until you receive your card statement. Your card issuer will determine the foreign exchange rate to apply to the transaction. You will not be informed of the foreign exchange rate or any additional foreign exchange fees until you receive your card statement.

Hence you may be able to receive more or less credit with your refund than the initial transaction. This depends solely on the exchange rate and fees applied by your issuing bank.